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Our approach ensures you develop solutions

people actually need, at minimum risk.


Why? Because we are deeply customer focused, work iterative and

validation driven and have extensive business experience.

What we can do for you?

New Normal’ Business Scan

Need to review your portfolio in light of new market development? Curious what your New Normal looks like? Are you ready for the post Covid-19 world?


Innovation Accelerator

Looking for a tailormade accelerator program that supports you to develop, test and grow new business ideas that create big yet tangible business results, while minimizing risk?

Shaping Experiences: Ideate & Validate

Creating and improving personalized customer journeys/ shaping experiences that matter is crucial to delight your customers. Want to get going?

Brand Localization

How to best localize an existing proposition for a specific market/ country/ audience or definition of roll out strategies across the region?

What else do we offer?

Defining your North Star

What is your place in the world and where to stretch to innovate? How to translate this to an inspirational vision and long term innovation roadmap?

Business Model Creation

Looking for new (sustainable) business models that will deliver most value for you and other stakeholders on the short and long term?

Innovation Strategy and Roadmaps

Want to build or refine your long-term innovation strategy, claims- or proposition roadmaps with validated, minimal viable yet exciting propositions?

Design sprints

Want to speed up your innovation, whilst derisking? Or need to validate some new ideas in limited time? Or simply stuck with a big problem?

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