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Philips workshop
Philips workshop
Improve innovation capability
Foundation Training
Leadership Training
"A lot of hard and clever work"

Once upon a time there were people at Philips that realised that if you want to be amongst the very best in innovation you have to keep training, just like the very best sportsmen and women do. The ambition of Marketing Excellence at Philips University to really make a worthwhile difference. They also realised that Ideo’s Design Thinking and Stanford’s Lean Startup challenged and changed the fundamentals of innovation management. And because at Philips innovation is at the core of the business process.

This meant that everybody involved had to leave the paths they were used to and create new ways of making meaningful impact. Innoboost is very proud to part of the team that developed and deployed the programme, including a new and mobile based, e-learning that people actually enjoy doing.

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