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Innovation Accelerators

Disruptive times ask for bold innovation. The winners of last recession were those companies that invested in growth beyond their core business.

In our Innovation Accelerator programs will guide your people to develop multiple new growth opportunities, leveraging our proven frameworks and skills. Not only laying the foundation for your company's future, but also building the skills and mindset to ignite a cultural transformation.


This Innovation Accelerator program is available in various set-ups

Full Innovation Accelerator

Our 3-6 month program to develop, test and grow new business ideas created big, yet tangible business results, while minimizing risk. In start-up mode multiple multidisciplinary teams explore new market opportunities and develop solutions. They will be running user-experiments and building prototypes throughout the program, in order to make faster, informed and de-risked decisions and ensure solutions are built that consumers really want.

Condensed Innovation bootcamp


In a 5-day pressure cooker program we help your people rapidly identify and advance new business concepts, with proven frameworks, skills and coaching. With intense speed a diverse team defines new market opportunities, ideates and validates new propositions and develops business models that contribute to your bottom line.

Do you want to speed up innovation, while derisking?

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