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From selling balanced heat recovery ventilators to selling cubic meters fresh air
A proposition that is ready for a Circular Economy
"This is really something different"

Once upon a time, people were insulating buildings to save energy. But keeping warmth in, also keeps stale air in. So they needed ventilation with heat recovery, to get the stale air out and keep the warmth in.

Fresh-r® makes and markets ventilators with heat recovery. Because they use a patented copper core the Fresh-r® is much smaller than existing heat recovery ventilators. It can be placed in the outside wall, and does not need ducts. And it uses smaller fans, with less power, adding the possibility of dynamic response to measured CO2 levels.

Nice for people that don’t want ducts for aesthetic and economic reasons. But do people really want ventilators, with or without heat recovery, at all?

What people really want – need even – is fresh air. Great thing is Fresh-r® is responsive; it only ventilates when necessary. And Fresh-r is connected; it logs what it does. This means that Fresh-R can offer fresh air per cubic meter.

Innoboost helped Fresh-r® understand the basics of Circular Business and value proposition creation and is working closely together in verifying assumptions on which their new circular customer experience is based as well as brand development and offline and online marketing support..

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