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Ensure you develop solutions people actually need,
at minimum risk.


Our approach is deeply customer focused, we work iterative and validation driven and have extensive business experience.

How we work

Our approach is deeply customer-focused, iterative and validation driven. In consecutive learning cycles we help you identify customer problems, ideate and develop solutions, while continuously validating assumptions with real customers. 

We call this ‘Ideate & validate’. Assume something and then test if you assumed it correctly. Depending on the amount of risky assumptions that you have, you need to validate more steps. This creates the Tick-Tock in our model; moving from ideation to validation and back. 

In this way, we help you speed up innovation while derisking.

Ideate and Validate model.png

Our digital validation platform

Our inhouse digital experience platform ensures fast validation of nearly every objective. We build 'journeys' that let your customers experience and respond to your assumptions and ideas. Think of it as a focus group at your fingertips.

Create insights and validate your assumptions, fast:


That’s how we ensure you develop solutions people actually need, at minimum risk.


150.000 customers globally enables fast response from your target audience

Validate digital prototypes with A/B testing live in the market

Customers visually experience and respond to your new ideas

Integration of payment function enables ability to validate willingness to buy & pricing


Hello. Nice to meet our validation panel with >150.000 customers.

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