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Welcome to Innoboost

Innoboost is a boutique innovation firm that helps you develop and validate new business ideas that are built on deep customer insights. We build solutions that create a positive impact for your business, customers, society & environment. That is what we call ‘Profit to be Proud of’.  

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Our approach is deeply customer-focused, iterative and validation driven. In consecutive learning cycles we help you identify customer problems, ideate and develop solutions, while continuously validating assumptions with real customers. We call this ‘Ideate & Validate’.

Mud Jeans

Persuade consumers to lease jeans

Innoboost helped Mud Jeans refine and validate their value proposition from a customer perspective.

We can help gather and translate insights into compelling, innovative, and locally relevant propositions or experiences. Focusing on early stage and fast validation to accelerate your innovation, whilst minimizing your risk.

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about our recent webinar:


From Risk to Opportunity

We explained how your company can navigate the impact of the New Normal. We provided inspirational examples and practical, low-risk strategies to innovate and capture growth opportunities. 


Philips Signify

Create value proposition for new LED offer


Innoboost helped a cross-functional team with R&D, Marketing, Marcom, Design and representatives of four global markets to create a Value Proposition for a new LED offer


Explore new value opportunities 


Experiment-based development of new circular business concepts in co-creation with stakeholders across the value chain.

Liberty Global

Help customers enjoy Horizon TV


Built a phenomenal customer onboarding experience, with significant NPS increase, that generates a wealth of customer insights.

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At Innoboost we create profit to be proud of through circular business innovation. That's how businesses can be a force for good. 

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